More than Conquerors’ greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Without any doubt, we have enjoyed unusual grace all through the ongoing 7days of prayer and fasting, which I believe is ordained to set the stage for great experiences as we embark on Operation Change of Story outreaches in this prophetic season. Prophetically, this operation shall result in a minimum 4-level dimension of growth of this Church and a dramatic change of story for every engaging Winner. But to see what we have never seen before; we must get ready to do what we have never done – 2 Cor. 9:6/ Psa. 50:5/ Psa. 126:1-6

However, to make the most of this prophetic season,

  1. We must endeavour to personalize our engagements as follows:
  • Raise a renewed altar of prayer of not less than one hour per day.
  • Draw your personal outreach plan to include the number of souls you desire to see saved and established in the faith and this Church during this season.
  • Individuals are encouraged to engage in both prayer and soul-winning partnerships. Ecc 4:9-12
  1. We must endeavor to engage with groups and corporate outreaches as much as our work schedule will allow.
  • We shall be reaching out to communities within our harvest field, where we shall run mini crusades, video and film shows, welfare outreaches, etc.
  1. Soul-winning teams are encouraged to seek official access to educational institutions within our harvest field for reaching out to the youths in those places.
  2. Our Believers’ Foundation Class shall run a dynamic abridged version all through this prophetic season as we shall be ministering to our new converts in form of counseling, right after giving their lives to Christ or at another day set apart.
  3. For the purpose of our welfare outreaches, members are required to sow their seeds of used clothes and shoes. These items are to be properly cleaned and labeled. In addition, nonperishable food items shall be required from those who can afford them for distribution. We hope to embark on a massive welfare outreach on the Saturday following Easter, that is, April 23, 2022.
  4. Good news! Easter specialized Change of Story Outreaches shall hold as follows: Thursday, April 14, 2022 – Special Evening Prayer session (at our usual time) Friday, April 15, Change of Story Morning and Evening Raid; and Saturday, April 16, Change of Story prolonged Morning Raid; Evening – Ingathering of our converts into WSF meeting (5-6pm); Sunday – Easter celebration service; Sunday evening is left to individual’s discretion. Monday, April 18, 2022, Change of Story Morning Raid; and evening for the ingathering of our new converts for BFC.

At the same time, all our senior citizens, the aged, nursing mothers and all with mobility issues are encouraged to engage their prayer altar effectively during this season.

As we go after the change of story of others, we are committing God to our own supernatural change of story in return, and so shall it be in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Remain ever blessed. 


Jesus is Lord!

David O. Oyedepo

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