Unveiling our breaking limit heritage in the word of God – Sidney Omorogbe

Focus: Revelation for Marital rest

If your success is not envied my many, then its not genuine.
Genesis 26:25 :- Isaac built an alter and called upon the name of the lord. Then he pitched his tenth there (His tenth signifies his family). Then his servant built a well (Business). This means that, in every business, you should build an alter.

The first marriage was conducted in the garden of Eden. He did it intentionally to send a message to you and I. It takes more than love to keep a marriage.

Why was the marriage conducted in a garden?
God is trying to telling us that the following should be the characters of a good marriage. Garden connote so many things. They are as follows:
1. Good Management
2. It connote beauty and attractiveness.
3. Peace and Tranquility.

Things we need to do in a home to make it successful.
1. Both families must in God in building a home. (Hebrews 3:4 :- Every home should be built on God.)
2. They should make Gods word the final authority in the home.
3. Be prayerful

Splitting the word G.A.R.D.E.N, we are going to identify each and every letter therein. They are:

G – Guide your marriage.
A successful marriage is protected and consciously cultivated. There are 2 crises that must affect a garden (Marriage):
1. Every garden will always grow weed. This is the reason every garden needs a gardener. Weeds connote the challenges that comes up in every marriage. People see things from different perspectives, financial issues can come up; these are all weeds in the garden. When the weed is allowed to grow in a garden, it will invite snakes.
2. Snakes. When grasses grow too much in a garden, snakes begin to come in. Snakes are invited people or guest in the marriage. The weed that brought in the serpent in the Garden of Eden was lack of communication.

A – Agreement and Adjustment.
Myles Munroe said “Marriage is a perfect institution ran by 2 imperfect people”. If you want to enjoy your marriage, do not claim to be right. Men are logical beings, women are emotional beings. Women are meant to submit to the men, while men are meant to love their wives. Learn to say SORRY.

Ephesians 5:21 :- Submitting yourself to one another in the fear of the lord. Plan together, Plan for the children.

R – Respect one another
If you want your marriage to prosper, then respect one another. God gave men wives because men are weak. 1 Peter 3:7, men should respect their wives and dwell with her according to knowledge as a weaker vessel.
You don’t demand respect, you earn it.

D – Decorate one another
It takes money to keep honey. It takes finance to keep romance. Money through flow in the family, dress nice, complements each other, exchange gifts and go outing once in a while. Invest in books and gospel CD’s.

E – Enjoy one another
Sex is meant to be enjoyed in a marriage. Honey moon should be renewed. Spend more time with each other, and do not be stingy with your body because its meant to be shared and enjpyed between both parties,

N – Nakedness to one another.
Openness is the cure for shame. Numbers 30:6-7, if a woman gives a vow without her husbands consent and the husband does not accept, the vow is disallowed. The husband must be notified in every vow proceeding from the wife.

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