Unveiling our breaking heritage in the word Pt 3b – Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

Focus: Convenant keys to securing Jobs

The challenges one faces are likened to closes doors. Closed doors signifies stagnation. Job 38:7
Keys are very common. Keys are spiritual knowledge. You don’t pray to open your car, or house because you have the keys. Luke 11:52, Gen 2:8, Gen 15, Matthew 20:7

There is dignity in labour. You are too gifted to be stranded

What are the covenant keys to securing your miracle job placement
1. You need to understand what you are looking for. In the world today, there is a misplacement of Job description. A mechanical engineer can be working in the bank.
2. See yourself as an eligible candidate for placement and employment. Esther 2:2-4. Look for a job where you have potential for. When the Job is your hubby, you wont get an appointment.
3. Prepare yourself for your miracle Job. For every desire in life, there is a demand. Esther 2:1-End. Any certificate without training is obsolete. What you dont prepare for cant appear.

Things you need to know/do before going for a Job Interview
1. Every challenge is a job opportunity
2. Properly research on the establishment you are about to work in, find out their challenges and position yourself to solve it.
3. Develop relevant skills. Some people have certificates but cant be employed because they have no skills.

What Skills do we need to have. You need:
a) Communication skills, to speak and write
b) Teamwork skills. You need to relate with other people.
c) Analytical problem solving skills
d) Personal management skills.
e) Leadership management skill
f) Work Ethic skill
g) Partner with God. Before you get a miracle job, apply to God in prayers.

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