8 March 2020

Engaging the force of faith for supernatural Fruitfulness - Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

Fruitfulness is a command. If you are not fruitful, your Christianity will be doubtful. The first description of God in the bible was fruitfulness (Genesis 1:1-31). We know you are fruitful by your works and results. Fruitfulness is a command and not a suggestion. If you want to be fruitful, you have to study the process of fruitfulness.

It takes faith to be fruitful.. Faith is abandoning your human wisdom, embracing the word of God and putting it to work. Fruitfulness does not mean having children i.e, Biological fruitfulness.

There is one law that governs the kingdom of God: The law of Faith Romans 3:27

What is Fruitfulness?
1. To be fruitful means to be fertile. i.e. Producing offspring or Fruits.
2. Producing Good results.
3. To be fruitful means to grow, to blossom and be productive.

Before Adam had a child, he was exhibiting the signs of fruitfulness. In Genesis 2:19. He was moved from the garden and was changed from gardeners to farmers. They tilled the ground. There was no farming tools, so Adam and Eve designed one: fruitfulness. When the children of Adam gave burnt offerings, fire was invented.

There are 5 types of Fruitfulness.
1. Fruit of the Womb: Children are the heritage of the lord and the fruit of the womb is its reward Psalm 127:3
2. Fruit of Thought. Jeremiah 6:19. Your mind has the ability to produce fruit. You can think of a business idea and it prospers. We can say that you have produced something with your brain.
3. Fruit of the Lips: These are spoken words Proverb 18:20. Words are thoughts uncovered.
4. Fruits of the Hand. Proverb 31:30-31. This is referred to Handwork. Some people are gifted at what they do. Their handwork speaks for them.
5. Fruit of the Spirit also known as Character. Gal 5:23.

Fruitfulness is a process. Genesis 1:28, God told Adam to be fruitful. Fruitful is a combination of the Visible and the Invisible. In the story of Creation, God made and he created. To create means to create something out of nothing. When something is created, its created in the mind (Spiritual) and then its made physical. Luke 2:49, Jesus saw the ministry as his fathers business.

What is Business?
Business is anything you do to enjoy increase or progress in life. The baseline for every business is service. Business means to be busy meeting the needs of people and then getting a return as salary or wages. The soul of Business is TRADING. In Matthew 25:15, the master gave the servants talent to trade on.

What is Trading?
Its defined as using what is available to get or attract what is desirable.

There are 4 Categories of talents you need to trade in-order to exploit business;
1. Money: Inside every money, is more money. Money produces in the hands of investors. People are poor because they spend and dont invest money. Fragments of money being wasted is enough to start a business to earn money. Proverb 21:20.
2. Asset: 2 Kings 4:2, the woman had only oil. It was her asset. Money is fluid/Liquid. Buy lands, start building. Asset increases with time. Cars, IPhone and other things are not assets but liability.
3. Time. Time is talents. The baseline of business is time. Develop yourself with time. Do not waste time on things that wont add to you.
4. Information. The base of a business is Information. Jeff Bezoz and Bill gates who are amongst the riches men are where they are because of Information.

Nothing feels more than the pain of Bareness. In 1st Samuel 1:20, Wherefore it came to pass, when the time was come about after Hannah had conceived, that she bare a son, and called his name Samuel, saying, Because I have asked him of the Lord. Never accept your condition as your portion if its contrary to the scriptures.

What are the process to take delivery?
1. You need to understand the children are spiritual gift
2. Be prayerful. The spiritual prescription for terminating bareness or any affliction including bareness is prayers. James 5:13
3. Be Joyful. Isaiah 54:1; sing, o barren thou that didst not bear children and cry aloud because more are the desolate than the children of the married. In joy, God visits, in sorrow God forgets. Nothing attracts Gods attention like joyfulness.
4. Prepare for your children. Isaiah 54:2; Enlarge the place of thy tent, spare not and lengthen thy days. 3; for thou shall break forth on the right hand– The children you dont prepare for will never come.