1. All members are advised to adhere to the instructions from the Church Officials within and outside the Church premises.

2. GOOD NEWS: COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER: Every member is admonished to keep the revival fire burning by attending the Covenant hour of prayer from MONDAY to SATURDAY. Time:5:30 – 6:30am

3. Water baptism holds every second and last Saturday of the month. All new converts, rededicated members who do not have the knowledge of water baptism and any other member of the church who has not fulfilled this righteousness are expected to be in attendance, Time: 7am.

4. WINNERS SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP: Our House to House Fellowship holds every Saturday in all our Home Cell Centres. Locate the one nearest to you and attend to share fellowship with other brethren Time: 5-6pm.

5. GOOD NEWS: MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE: Our midweek communion service holds this Wednesday 29th September 2021. we shall be waiting on the Lord in a fast and gather to secure God’s EXTRAORDINARY HELPS over our families via intercessions, word encounter and the Holy communion. Endeavour to come along with all your new converts and invitees. TIME: 6pm. Come and be blessed.

6. GOOD NEWS: FOLLOW- UP OF NEW CONVERTS AND NEW MEMBERS. Every member of the church is admonished to intensify commitment to the in gathering of their new converts and other unsaved souls within their neighbourhood into this church by interceding for them, making physical visits, telephone calls and SMS. You are also admonished to direct them to their nearest home cells every Saturday by 5 pm. In addition they can take advantage of church transport arrangement or make personal provision for them as the Lord empowers you to do so. Indeed your season of enthronement has come!

7. The Church E- account is available for those who find it more convenient to pay their tithe and other kingdom investments by electronic transfer.
Account Name: Living Faith Church, Trademore. BANK: Zenith. Account Number: 1016372459

8. DIGITAL SPACE . GOOD NEWS: The Church’s online presence is increasing by the day. Members are encouraged to visit our website and social media handles as displayed on the Screen:
– Instagram – @lfctrademoremegacity
– Twitter – @lfctrademoreme1
– Facebook – @lfctrademore
– Website –
– Youtube – Living Faith Church Trademore
Church Members are encouraged to visit, “Like” the Pages, subscribe and click the notifications bell for prompt alerts. Also, members are encouraged to send their testimonies to [email protected]

CHURCH online Midnight Prayers (Pray Until Something Happens: PUSH)
9. The Church online Daily Midnight Prayers (12 Midnight to 1:00am) holds for Different Groups (A to G) meaning Mondays to Sundays; Group A starting off Sunday midnight, Group B Monday midnight and so forth) New/interested Members can send ‘I am Interested in prayers ‘ with their Full Names, WhatsApp number(s) and day convenient to 08035892892 or 08025371900 to be added to the whatsapp group to commence Praying. God will bless you mightily as you advance His Kingdom on the altar of Prayers in Jesus mighty name.

10. GOOD NEWS: The children Teachers’ Unit needs more teachers. If you love children, have passion and a call to the children Ministry, you are invited to join the Unit. NOTE: Children Teachers Unit will be holding a Teachers training/Seminar on the topic:Teaching Children effectively. All New and interested members are welcome to attend the training. The date is 1st of October, 2021.The time is 11.00am prompt.The venue is Teens Hall.

11. GOOD NEWS: KINGDOM ADVANCEMENT PRAYER holds every Tuesday at the Church Auditorium, every winner is expected to be in attendance to pray for the advancement of the Kingdom. TIME: 6pm.

12. GOOD NEWS: COVENANT DAY OF TRUMPET: Covenant Day of Trumpet Service holds on Friday 1st of October, 2021. Time: 5:30am-6:20am.
13. Everyone is Encouraged to appear before the Lord to Open up the 10th month in High Praises to access High places.Don’t Miss out.

14. GOOD NEWS: Praise the Lord! Friday, October 1, 2021 being a public holiday, we shall be holding a special prayer session for the Nation and at the same time launching us into the wonders that God has reserved for us in the new month of October 2021. We believe that for the sake of the elects in this nation, God shall have mercy on us and restore peace and prosperity to our great nations. This shall also double as our Leadership Empowerment Summit for September! Time: 8am – 11 am

15. GOOD NEWS: Tomorrow being Monday the 27th of September, 2021 is the 67th Birthday celebration of the President, Bishop David Oyedepo.Let us Raise up incense of Prayers in Thanksgiving for his life and for Greater Global Impact.

16. FLOOD RELIEF SEED: You can drop your seed as mentioned with envelop clearly marked “Flood Relief Seed” during normal offering time.

NEXT SUNDAY 3rd October, 2021. shall be Our SPECIAL MIRACLE SERVICE and also doubles as our PROPHETIC ENTRACE SERVICE . Endeavour to come along with all your new converts, invitees, friends and family members. 1st Service – 7:00am & 2nd Service – 9:15am

18. BOOKS AND TAPES: Recommended Books of the months all authored by Bishop David Oyedepo include; WALKING IN THE NEWNESS OF LIFE, CONQUERING CONTROLLING POWER AND THE BLOOD TRIUMPH. Teaching materials in CD/MP3 from this Commission and this church are all available with our Sales Team. Advance your destiny, visit the Books/CD stand and pick your copies immediately after this service.


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