What Defeating Your Goliath Offers You. 1Samuel 18:1-30

In life, the end of a battle marks the beginning of another battle (1Sam 17:54). After defeating Goliath, David took his head to Jerusalem (went to church to share the testimony glorifying God) but he put his armour in his tent. Celebrate your victory for a season and prepare for another battle! Every new level comes with new devils to deal with. It takes a fight to access your inheritance in Christ and you also need to fight to maintain it.

Defeating your Goliath will Offer You Five Things

  1. You receive reward for your effort (1Sam 17:25,26). Defeating your Goliath comes with promotion and rewards (1Sam 15:5). David, with no previous military training, became the captain over the men of war.
  2. It brings you recognition in high places (1Sam. 18:2-5). King Saul took notice of him and brought him into the palace.
  3. Your circle of friend changes (1Sam 18:1-4). David’s defeat of Goliath connected him to a royal friend, in the person of Jonathan. As you change levels in life, your association will naturally change. Be wise to choose right friends.
  4. You gain recognition and respect from the community (1Sam 18:5-7). David was recognized in Israel for his bravery and he rose rapidly in the army, everyone respected and submitted to him.
  5. Your lifting and promotion will attract resentment and envy (1Sam 18:7,8). Your adversary simply changes when you change levels in life – from Goliath to King Saul. God allows it for the purpose of keeping you humble and on track (stay out of your comfort zone).

David went wheresoever Saul sent him and behaved himself wisely. You need obedience to higher authority and high-level wisdom to maintain your place in the palace.

You will succeed. The harvest of today earmarked for you will locate you. Be blessed.


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